I’m a big believer in cross-training.  If you want to be a great runner you have to do more than run.  This semester at I’ve been doing just that.  I am taking a spinning class and a yoga class.  Surprisingly, I’m enjoying my spinning class a lot more than my yoga class.  Before the semester started, I figured I’d always be eager to get to yoga and be able to relax and stretch my muscles out, but instead I love going to spinning in the morning and when it ends, I don’t really want to go to yoga anymore.

I think part of the reason I love spinning so much more than yoga is because it is another cardio workout like running, which is what I really enjoy doing.  It would make sense that I like that intense workout and push because it is similar to what I’ve been doing.

Even though I’m not enjoying yoga as much as I thought I would, I still think it’s very beneficial for me as a running.  First of all, it does help stretch out my muscles, which is nice.  It also helps with focus and relaxation, something I don’t normally do on my own on a daily basis.

So take my advice, cross-train, even if it involves something you may not enjoy at first.  It will pay out in the long run.

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