My Body Hates Me…

It all started last Wednesday at Fit Mix.  It was killer.  By the end of it, my legs were so tired and just shaking.  It was not the “easy” night I had been hoping for seeing we had just got back from Spring Break.  It was a great workout, but my body wasn’t happy with me…especially, the next day.

So on Thursday morning I had my spinning class and my yoga class.  My legs were starting to die by the end of it.  I couldn’t wait to get off the bike and stretch my muscles out.  Luckily in yoga I got to stretch them out some more, so that felt better.

Then I woke up Friday morning and my muscles were so sore, I could not get myself out of bed.  According to my 10K training program, I was supposed to run 5miles (8.04km) on Friday, but that didn’t happen.  Instead I took the day off from running to rest my legs some more and decided that I would push off my 5mile run to Saturday.

I woke up on Saturday only to push off my run to Sunday.  My muscles were still sore.  Although they felt a little bit better, there was no way I was going to make it through a 5mile run, so Sunday was going to be the day.  I still didn’t make it through a 5mile run…wasn’t even close.

This of course caused a problem for this week’s training schedule.  Since I ran on Sunday, I took Monday off.  Plus, on Monday I had a massage, so I didn’t want to run after having my muscles all relaxed.

That brings us to today.  Today was just a short little 3.2km run.  I’m not sure why the training program has me run three days in a row (not that I did that), but it does.  It would probably be a different story to run three days in a row if I wasn’t doing spinning, yoga, and Fit Mix along with my runs.  Anyways, my body is feeling better now…but who knows how long that will last when I’m doing all this training.

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