I Need More Motivation


So I started a 10K training program to keep myself motivated to keep running after I finished the Princess 5K.  I even found a potential race to try and keep myself motivated…too bad I haven’t been keeping with that training program…

So I came home for the weekend. Its be unseasonably warm here in Michigan, so I figured while at home I’d get to run outside in the beautiful weather…yeah, I didn’t do that.  I missed my scheduled run on Friday, so planned on doing it Saturday, skipped it Saturday and figured I do it yesterday.  That didn’t happen either.

I did force myself to run today.  It was about 1/2 of what was scheduled, but at least I forced myself to do it.  In hopes of keeping myself motivated, I’m debating about signing up for Disney’s Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  My mom really wants to go (mainly for the wine and dine part).  My only worry is that it’s in November and who knows what I’ll be doing then. I’m still waiting to hear from graduate schools and possible jobs, so what if I sign up and then can’t go because I’m busy with something?  Although, I think until I officially make the commitment, my motivation level is going to be low.

I have three more runs for the week…let’s hope I actually do them.


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