From Rest to Runs…


Thank god it’s a rest day!  My legs are very sore and there is no way I could run on them today.  I’m already dreading the 5mile run tomorrow.  I haven’t gone that far since I started training this year, so I’m a little worried about how my body is going to react.  Right now, it’s not happy…and I’m blaming it on FitMix.

Well, I can’t totally blame it on FitMix.  Yesterday I went for a run during the day and afterwards, my legs were a little sore.  I didn’t mind it too much and still went to FitMix that evening.  That might have been a mistake.  We did tons of leg workouts, they are in pain now.  It actually hurt to walk back from the gym to dorm.

Anyways, the good news is I have a new running buddy so maybe I can push through the pain.  My boyfriend’s friend Tom (I guess he’s my friend too…lol) has been running a lot too, so we are planning on going for a run sometime together.  The only issue there is that Tom is like 10ft tall and has super long legs.  They are about twice the length of mine.  I’m going to have to do some intense training to keep up with this kid.  Might be good though…I may end up in better shape for the marathon I’m going to run someday.


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