Injured…Minor Setback

So on Thursday I started to notice a weird pain in my left ankle.  It happened almost every time I took a step by the end of the day.  This was not a good sign.  First off, I was super paranoid about it because the only time I ever broke a bone was my right ankle and it was while I was running.  It didn’t feel like it was broken it felt more like a sprain, so I called my doctor to see if he could fit me in and check it out.

When he first check it out he said one of the worst things possible, “I think you have a stress fracture.” Not what I wanted to hear.  They did some x-rays and that turned up negative (thank God), but he did tell me that it is possible for the stress fracture to appear anywhere from 7-10 days after the injury.  He determined that it is tendinitis, but it will go away.  I can’t run until next weekend at the earliest and when I start running again, it has to be very low key (no 5mile runs).  He wants me to keep it simple and stay around a mile or two each day for another week or so.  Basically, I need to start my whole training program over again…lucky me.

I can’t complain too much.  We pretty much know it’s not broken and a week without running isn’t too bad.  I am allowed to do other physical activities though.  I can still go to spinning and yoga.  I can also do strength training (no FitMix though…I’m super sad about that one), so this will be a good week to work on some cross-training stuff and hopefully I’ll be back to running in no time.


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