Back in the Gym


Today I went to the gym and got to the treadmill. I know I should have waited until Monday to start running again like the doctor told me, but I just wanted to run.  I took it really easy though so that I would stress my tendons more.  They were starting to feel much better and heal, so I didn’t want to make things worse by going too hard the first day back.

So I started out slow.  I was pretty much walking at 3.5mph for the first quarter mile.  Following that, I increased my speed to 4mph, so I was still walking.  Now, while I was there I was watching The Bold & the Beautiful (love my Soaps!), so while I was watching the show I would walk at 4mph or 4.2mph.  During the commercial breaks I increased to a run/jog at 5.5mph.

The first time I increased the speed, my ankle hurt a bit.  I eased back down to the 4.2mph, and waited for the next commercial break.  The next time I went up to 5.5mph my ankle felt better.  I think it was the initial shock that I was running again.

Over all it took me about 27mins to run 2miles, which I would normally be really depressed about, but seeing I’m injured and this was my first time back, I was just glad I made it through 2miles without being in pain.  My plan was only to do a 1-1.5 miles, but at the 1.5mile mark, I figured I could make it to 2miles, so I feel accomplished.

Now, to rest my ankle a bit more.


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