Getting Back on Track

I just ran two days in a row.  Even before I hurt my ankle I wasn’t running two days in a row, so I call that a success!

Seeing I’m still recovering from my injury, I’m trying to take it slow (like the doctor to me).  I’m probably not taking it as slow as he would like, but my ankle hasn’t really been hurting during or after the run, so I think that means the pace I’m at is just fine.

For my runs (both yesterday and today) I did a speed increase method.  I started walking for the first tenth of a mile at 3.5mph on the treadmill.  After each tenth of a mile I would increase my speed by .5mph until I hit 5.5mph.  After that I would go back down to 3.5mph and start all over again.  I really liked this method because I was able to go up to the speed I normally run at, but it was only for a short period.  I’m a little worried to run at 5.5mph for a long period of time.  I think tomorrow I may try running at 5.5mph for a little longer and see how my ankle feels.  I’ll gradually work back into running at 5.5 or 6mph like normal.

I’m also going to gradually work into running longer distances.  Right now I haven’t gone for longer than 2.5 miles.  Next week I figure I work up to 3miles and so on…that is, as long as my ankle is feeling good enough to go that far.  We’ll see how the rest of this week goes! =)


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