Life is Good

Today was fantastic. First of all, it marked the third day in a row that I ran. I also ran 2.75 miles, which is a quarter mile more than I’ve been running since returning from my ankle injury. Even better, my ankle didn’t bother me during or after the run. I felt so much better after finishing that run. It proves that my ankle is better and that I haven’t lost much of my training. I am going to take tomorrow off (from running that is) and keep tomorrow as a cross training day. I have spinning and yoga tomorrow, so I’ll take a break from running and pick it up again Friday or Saturday.

Today, also marked my return to FitMix. Last week I mentioned that I couldn’t go to FitMix because of my ankle. This week I got to go back. This week’s workout wasn’t as intense as some have been, but I was okay with that because I didn’t want to risk hurting my ankle again. I felt fine throughout it. There was only one time that I came down on my foot weird and I felt a sharp pain. The good news was it went away fast and is feeling fine now. I feel so great about my return!

And one last thing that made this day awesome…I got into DePaul University for graduate school Now the tough part begins…deciding between DePaul and NYU.

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