Home is Somewhat Relaxing


Last night I made my way back home for Easter only to discover my cousins were here and spending the night.  They’re seven year old twin boys, and what did they want to play when I got home? Tag.  Loads of fun.  I told them that I had already biked and did yoga, but that didn’t stop them.  They still wanted me to run around with them.  I got a mini run in yesterday when that wasn’t even planned.

The boys went home today, and what did I get to do?  Move furniture from the house we sold back to our house.  So, that meant I got some strength training in without even planning on it.  I did plan on going for a run, but by the time I got home, moved furniture, and everything else…I decided against it.  My bad. I’ll make it up tomorrow.  Plus, I’m a little nervous to run along the road instead of the treadmill since I will have to control my own speed.  I won’t be able to make the treadmill do it for me.  Hopefully tomorrow goes well!

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