Last FitMix Class

Tonight marked the end of Fit Mix for the semester…and well, for me in general seeing I’m graduating.  Sad day.  This class has been one of the best fitness classes I have ever done.  All the positive ideas and “challenge by choice” has made it such an enjoyable experience.  As you may recall from the post Today, I Feed the Relaxation Dog, I was super upset when I couldn’t go.  That classes kicked my butt into gear and made me feel better about working out and well, my life in general.  I never wanted it to end, but tonight it did…

The downside is, my ankle bothered me a bit tonight.  We did a lot of fast motions that put some unwanted pressure on my ankle.  I powered through it because I didn’t want my last Fit Mix class to end on a bad note.

The other thing that wasn’t so great about today…my run sucked!  First of all, I forgot my Nike+ sensor for my shoe.  I have the Nike+ GPS app on my phone and it says you can use it indoors.  I’ve never done that before because I couldn’t figure out how it tracks you.  Well, today I found out.  I had to hold my phone in my hand the whole time I ran.  My palms got sweaty, so I had to keep switching hands.  And even worse, according to the treadmill, I ran more than my phone said.  My shoe tracker is usually really accurate with the treadmill, so that make me cranky too.  It just wasn’t a good run overall.  I didn’t enjoy it and I ended before I planned.  Hopefully Friday’s run is much better.

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