Sore Legs…Time for a Break


I ran today…like I do most Fridays.  My run started out much better today than it did on Wednesday.  I was running at 6mph and resting at 4mph, but after the first mile and a half, my legs were dying and I was having a harder time breathing and it was just no fun.  I had to slow my pace to 5.5mph, which isn’t bad, but at the same time I was upset about it.  I started out so good that having to slow down did not make me happy.  And by the end of it, my legs hurt so bad.  They were a little sore before I started running, but now, they feel awful.

The good news is, I have a lot going on this weekend, so I’m going to take Saturday and Sunday off from working out.  This will give me a chance to rest my legs a bit and not feel guilty about it.  If I want to take a break, what better time then now?

On Monday I planned to be back in the gym for another run.  I think I might also try running without taping my ankle.  It’s been about three weeks now and I haven’t had any issues with it, so I figured I’d see how the run goes without it.  Plus, if it is a bit sore when starting out my run, I can always stop and tape it up.  No harm in that.

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