End of the Semester


Today is my last day…my last day of classes, but pretty much my last day of undergrad! I have no final exams, so next week during exams, I have nothing I need to be doing.  So excited.

Anyways, seeing it is the end of the semester, today was the last day of my spinning and yoga classes.  I will be honest, I’m kind of glad yoga is over.  I wasn’t a very big fan of the class.  My mom does yoga and she wants me to come to yoga classes with her this summer.  I said I’d give it a try, but I wasn’t promising anything.  I figured that at a different studio with a different teacher I may enjoy it.  I’m open to try at least.

It was also the last day of spinning.  That I’m really upset with.  I loved my spinning class.  It was such an intense workout, but I loved it.  I really feel like I need to invest in a stationary spinning bike so that I can continue my workout.  Lets be real, I can’t afford that…but if I could I would.

The other thing that’s disappointing with the semester coming to an end…I don’t have a gym to work out in anymore.  Adrian College has an awesome gym, so that’s where I would always workout.  Seeing I’m graduating and moving home, I can’t go there anymore.  I am thinking about joining a gym because I know I will have no motivation to run outside in the summer when it’s 80 or 90 degrees out.  Plus, then I can still spin without having to buy a bike.  Good idea, right?


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  1. Definetly sign up for a gym membership when you get home! Don’t fall in to a pattern of no exercise. You go this!

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