Bumps and Bruises

This as much of a running post as I normally do, but I’ll just go along with it.

So as I mentioned a few posts back, I’m graduating on Sunday.  Exciting!  I came up with the brilliant idea to run a 5K the day before.  Not really a problem because I’ve done a 5K before and my runs this week have been great.  The problem has been moving back home…

I was lucky and did have any final exams this semester, so while all my friends have been studying for exams, I have been working and packing my room.  Packing has been a challenge.  Everyday I find more bruises on my body.  The worst is a HUGE one on my leg left.  I actually noticed it running yesterday because I couldn’t figure out why my leg was so sore.  While taking a shower after my run, I noticed it.  I have no idea how it got there.  It must have been from moving the heavy things like my futon, coffee table, dresser, etc.  I doubt it will affect my run at all, it was just really surprising.

Today, I managed to find another bruise on my hip.  I’m just a mess!  Hopefully once I’ve moved back home, these mysterious bruises will all disappear.

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