Another Race Finished!

About a week ago I got the idea to run another 5K.  This time it was in my hometown area, so that was nice.  Well today was that run, and I finished…in record time!

The Starting Line for the Defeating Duchenne 5K

What was really nice about this race was we actually ran through my neighborhood, so I was familiar with the course even though that wasn’t the same one I normally run.

So the very first part of the course went uphill…I ran way to fast up the hill and at the first quarter mile I was already feeling out of the breath.  I kept pushing myself and wasn’t going to let myself walk until I reached the first mile.  Well that mile came and Nike+ told me that I ran at a 9:31 pace.  I was shocked.  I never run that fast when I’m pacing.  I took a mini walk break and continued running.

I made it to the water station which was about the halfway mark.  I grabbed some water and walked to drink it.  I’ve never been able to run and drink at the same time.  I finished my water and kept going.  To my surprise, my dad was standing on one of the corners along the race, so I had a fan cheering me on.

I competed the second mile and was now running at a 10:09 pace.  That was still faster than I was training at.  I took another mini walking break not long after the second mile, and I continued the course.  All of the sudden I was coming up on the hill that we started on.  I was thinking to myself that there was no way I was almost done because I hadn’t been running long enough, but sure enough, I was at the top of the hill.  I ran super fast down the hill and crossed the finish line at 31:07, my fastest 5K yet!  It felt amazing.  I couldn’t believe that I ran that fast.  That shaved about 4 minutes off my last one.  I couldn’t be happier!


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