I’ve Been Lazy


I said it a few posts back…once I move home my workout habits are going to slowly die.  Well, it’s happening.  I haven’t gone for a run since my 5K on Saturday.  Sunday was graduation, so I didn’t plan on running anyways.  Monday it was rainy and gross out, so I skipped the run.  Tuesday was also gloomy, so again, I skipped the run.

So what did I do instead of run? I played Wii Fit.  I don’t really consider Wii Fit as a great exercise.  Mainly because I burn about 100 calories during a half hour of Wii Fit compared to the 300 calories I burn during a half hour run.  I do like playing Wii Fit though, because sometimes it’s nice to do an easier workout and play games.  At one point in my life, I played Wii Fit pretty much every day along with my normal exercises.  I’m hoping to get back to that point during the summer.  At least it’s something, right?

Well today I’m getting my lazy butt up and going to pilates.  It’s supposed to rain today, and I’m a big baby and don’t want to run in the rain, so I figured I’d do pilates over the run.  Sometimes it’s good to cross-train.  I also figured I have to do some kind of physically activity (other than Wii Fit) seeing tomorrow I leave for New York and I won’t be running while I’m there.  I can’t go an entire week without some type of exercise.  I might never go back after that.

I will state this though…I have two free trial memberships to gyms, so when I get back from New York I’m going to try one of them out.  I’ve got to get my ass in gear again.


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  1. sarahnaut says:

    I saw a poster this morning “Make time, not excuses”. I’m in the same boat as you, some days I just don’t want to lace up, but I’m always glad I did after. Love that runner’s high. Good luck to getting out there!

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