Home from NYC…Back to Work!


So last night my friend Danielle and I came back from New York City.  We were visiting the NYU campus and shopping of course!

Danielle is also a runner.  She did a half marathon a couple weeks ago, so she’s a bit more intense than I am.  She wants to do the New York City marathon in a year or so. WOW! Anyways, we decided we were going to take these days off from running and just enjoy the trip.  Our motto became “We’re on vacation!” whenever we were making a decision that we knew shouldn’t make, but wanted to anyways.

To be honest, I’m not all that worried about going for a run today even though it’s been so long.  We walked all around Central Park yesterday, which lasted about two hours, so I was happy with that.  I didn’t think about it until half way through our walk, but we should have turn on my Nike+ GPS app. to see how far we walked that day.  Oh well…it was far.

Today I’m planning on going for a run.  I will probably do it this evening when it cools down a bit.  It’s 11:30am and it’s almost 70 degrees out, so I think I’ll wait and let it cool down.

Tomorrow…I’m joining a gym!


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