Fitness Filled Day


No one can say I was lazy today.  Since I’ve been home from school, I have been slacking on my workout routine.  Today that was not the case.

This morning I went to my weekly Pilates session.  We worked on the spring board tower instead of the Pilates reformer like normal.  The exercises killed my abs, but it was a lot of fun to change up the work out. The hour went by really fast as well.  A lot of the time I start thinking, “is it over yet?” but today when my instructor told me we were done, I almost didn’t believe her.

I also made it to the gym today for a quick 2mile run.  It was just over 21mins that I completed my run.  It was really nice to run inside at the gym.  The treadmills are equipped with TVs (and cable!) so I was able to watch Friends while I ran.  It was loads of fun.  I felt great after the run.  Plus, I feel even for amazing because I finally got my lazy butt up and back in the gym!

One last thing about today.  My best friend since middle school text me today.  She is also a runner, a way more intense runner than I am, but she text me looking for a running buddy.  She wants to do a 5K in Detroit next month.  So, now I’ve got a new race on my list.  At least I’m still in shape for a 5K.  I am planning on increasing my milage though because I would like to run a 10K towards the end of summer and get one of those in before the half marathon in November.  Regardless of what races I’m doing, I need to start working towards the 13.1 I’ll be doing.  It might only be May, but November will be here before we know it!


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