Milestone: 100 Miles

Today I hit 100miles on Nike+!

I’m pretty excited about it.  I know I’ve ran a few more miles than that because I don’t always run with my sensor and a couple times the GPS didn’t work, but over all, it’s pretty accurate.

I am a little disappointed that it took my five months to reach 100miles…I feel like I should have been able to do it much faster than that.  But…then I think about all the times that I’ve been lazy and do a really short run or do some other type of physical activity…or do nothing at all.

Knowing this, I am planning on running more.  My goal is to have 200miles (total) in three more months.  So basically, I want to run 100 more miles in the next three months.

I think this is a really good goal to work for.  First of all, I want to do a 10K and a half marathon this year, so I know I’ll be increasing my mileage.  This means I should be able to run 100 more miles fastest than in the past few months.  Also, I haven’t had as much to do this summer compared to January through now while I was at school.  This means I have to occupy my time with something…why not running?  There is a whole lot working in my favor right now to be able to run more miles in the next few months than in the past!

My legs are kind of sore today…I will be honest, I haven’t been as smart about training right now, so I’ve decided to take a break tomorrow.  I have also decided that I’m going to come up with a set schedule of work outs.  That’s what I had during the school year and I think I need to do that again to help me stay on track and train correctly.  I’ve got to be smarter about working out.


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