Workout Schedule This Week


So I said it in my last post, I need to set up a schedule to get back on track with working out like I was during the school year.  Well…here it is.

Sunday: Run 2 miles (Actual 1.65 miles)
Monday: Run 2 miles
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: “Rest” Day – Wii Fit or Restorative Yoga
Thursday: Run 3 miles
Friday: Run 2 miles and lift weights
Saturday: Run 4 miles
Sunday: Rest Day

As of right now, that’s my plan.  Of course, I will listen to by body and change it up if I need to.  I’m not giving myself really any “rest” days this week, so if my legs hurt or my runs aren’t what I expect them to be, I will change it.

Take today for example.  When I got up and was getting ready to go to the gym, I was thinking I’d run 2 miles.  The first mile was actually really hard for me to get through.  I tried pushing myself, but once I hit 1.5 miles I knew I couldn’t do much more.  Plus, I’ve just recovered from my shin splints and I didn’t want to push too hard and risk my recovery.  That’s also another reason why I’m not sure I’ll follow this exactly, but at least it gives me something to work towards.  Let’s hope I can stick to it!


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