My Abs are on Fire


Pilates was intense today.  We did so much ab work thought I was going to die.  Strong abs are a major part of Pilates because you have to use them to control all your body movements, so on top of the major ab workout, I still had to use them throughout the rest of the hour.  Needless to say, they are kind of sore now.

That’s about all for my physical activity today.  Yesterday I got a two mile run in and a two mile walk in.  More than I planned, but it was good.  I was happy about it.  Plus, I got to eat an ice cream sundae last night because I had burned enough calories.  That really hit the spot.  The whole thing actually started because my mom wanted to have a glass of wine, so she decided she’d go for a walk.  I figured I’d join her and in the end, it payed off.  She got her wine and I got ice cream.

It nice dieting with my mom.  We both sit there at each meal input our calories, and checking different foods to figure out what is our healthiest option.  Plus, My Fitness Pal says you lose 3x more when you diet with friends.  We keep each other on track and I think it’s paying off.  I’ve lost four pounds since the beginning of the year.  Still got awhile to go to get back to the weight I started college at, but I’m making good progress and I’m happy about it.  Just hoping I don’t backslide when I move to graduate school.  There are tons of amazing food options in both New York or Chicago!


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