What a Great Day!


I had to blog because I had such a great day today!  It started out with finally picking a graduate school.  I decided to go to New York University.  I’m really excited.  My Danielle and I will be there together and we’re going to try and find an apartment sometime soon.  Also, I really looking forward to being able to run through Central Park. =)

Another great thing from today was that I ran a 5K in just over 32 minutes.  My best time is 31:07, and I was about a minute and a half over that today.  I was happy seeing my runs haven’t been the best lately.  And, this one probably would have been faster, but my mom started texting me and I had to slow down to a walk to reply to her.  Had I not done that, it probably would have been closer to 31minutes again.

One last thing from today…it’s not that exciting, but it’s kind of cool.  I learned how to use a lawn mower.  My mom couldn’t believe she let me get to the age of 22 and never cut the grass.  She didn’t have enough time to finish it before going to an appointment, so she showed me how to do it and I finished the lawn for her.  Like I said, not really exciting, but still kind of cool!


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  1. scientifican says:

    Congratulations on the grad school pick! I am starting grad school in the fall, so I felt compelled to comment.

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