Soo…Did I Stick to my Schedule?

So I put myself on a schedule for this week.  I stuck to most of it, but not 100%.  I’m okay with that because some days I did more than planned or mixed it up a bit.  Here’s how my week ended up.

Sunday: Run 2 miles (Actual: 1.65 miles)
Monday: Run 2 miles (Actual: 2 miles & 2.12 mile walk with Mom)
Tuesday: Pilates (Actual: 1 hour of Pilates)
Wednesday: “Rest” Day – Wii Fit or Restorative Yoga (Actual: Rested, no activities)
Thursday: Run 3 miles (Actual: 3.1 miles)
Friday: Run 2 miles and lift weights (Actual: Wii Fit and Swimming)
Saturday: Run 4 miles (Actual: 4.08 miles)
Sunday: Rest Day (10mins of Swimming)

Not too bad, right? How about a schedule for next week?

Monday: Run 3 miles
Tuesday: Pilates
Wednesday: Run 3 miles
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Run 4 miles
Saturday: Run 3 miles
Sunday: Run 2 miles and lift weights

I’m not planning on posting my schedule each and every week, but it does help me to write it down and post it because then it keeps me motivated to stick to it.  I’ve always noticed that about myself.  If I write it down, there is a much better chance of me doing it than when I don’t.  So, let’s see if I can stick to it this week!

And…check out my new link to my Weekly Schedule where I’ll be posting it instead of making a blog entry each week.


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