Oh What a Run Can Do!

I had a pretty crappy start to my day.  I had a dentist appointment.  I’m not a big fan of going to the dentist because I’ve never had good teeth.  Just wasn’t blessed that way I guess.  So I got there and they did x-rays, cleaned my teeth, and all that fun stuff.  Then I found out I have a zillion and one cavities and need a crown.  Needless to say, I wasn’t too happy.  I used to having a cavity or two most of the times that I go, but I have way more than I ever had.  I have four more appointments this month to go back and get the cavities filled and the crown put on.  When I said I needed to find something to do this summer, being in the dentist office all month was not what I meant.

So I got home and decided to need to release some of the stress and frustration from this morning at the dentist.  My mom was thinking about going for a walk, so I decided to join her.  She was done after two miles but I decided to go another lap around the neighborhood after that, so I continued with a run.  I felt a lot better after that.  It really lifted my mood.  It’s amazing how a run can change my mood so much.  Especially after this weekend when I didn’t run at all.

I spent my weekend at the Detroit Grand Prix doing social media.  You can read all about it on my other blog here.  It was a really fun way to spend the weekend and I have never been to a race before, so that was cool.  It’s back to stay on schedule this week though!  So far, so good!


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