Missing Some Miles…


Today was a rest day (according to the schedule I set for myself), but my mom was going for a walk and asked if I wanted to join her.  I figured why not…if I did, I could have some ice cream tonight!

So we go for our walk and I use my Nike+ sensor in my shoe to track our walk.  We maintained a average pace of just under 15mins a mile.  So I get back and check my app and all looks good, so I decide to send it to Nike+.  According to my phone it was sent to Nike+ but according to the Nike+ website, it did not send.  I’ve had this happen before and I’ve just logged on again and then it works, but it hasn’t worked at all today.  I’m kind of sad.  It was only 2.25miles, but I want those 2.25miles recorded.

I am planning on hitting the gym tomorrow morning, so I hoping that once I do and I send those miles, that the other ones will go through too.  My only fear is that my future ones won’t go through either.  That will make me really sad.  I just have to wait and see what happens I guess.  I’m hoping all my miles come through.  I’m working toward my 200mile goal!


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  1. mlavens says:

    Just an Update: Today’s mile synced with Nike+ but yesterdays still haven’t.

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