I’m Back!


It’s been close to a week since I updated…rare for me.  Well, on Wednesday last week I hurt my knee running.  Nothing bad or anything like that, it just needed to have some time to rest.  So I pretty much took the whole week off when it came to working out.

Today was my first day back at any physical activity.  I went to my Pilates session.  No pain or problems with my knee, so tomorrow I’m heading back to the gym to run!  I’m only going to run two miles or so just to make sure there’s no pain, and then I’ll go back to my normal 3-4 mile runs.

On Saturday, June 23rd I’m doing a 5K with one of my best friends.  We are planning on going for a run next week together before we do the 5K.  Kind of like a trial run.  After the race, I’m planning on increasing my miles more often.  Since I’m getting used to going 3-4 miles each time I run, I want to start getting my body used to running 5-6 miles all the time and so on.  I want to be totally prepared when I finally do my half marathon in November.


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