Already Taking a Break


I know last week was the start of my half marathon training, but I already have to put it on hold.  I knew this going into it because tomorrow I leave for New York City, and will be there until Saturday.  Kind of puts a damper on training.

For the training program to work out perfectly, this would have been week one of training.  Knowing I wouldn’t be able to run this week, I started last week and figured I’d continue with the program next week.  That seemed like the best solution.  I know I could have taken my running shoes and stuff with me, but this week is going to be used for finding an apartment.  I want to focus my attention on that, and not worry about fitting workouts in.

So today I ran 30mins as if it were a normal training week and a normal Monday.  I was really tired though, so I had to take a lot of walking breaks.  I ended up running 2.76 miles at a 10:52 average pace.  Not bad considering I had to drag my lazy ass to the gym, but I would have liked to have a better run before taking the time off. Oh well!


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