Ending my Gym Membership

Tomorrow I moved to NYC, and I’m so excited and stressed at the same time.  But the big move means a lot of changes to my work out for the next few days.

To start with, I have to end my gym membership.  I opened it up so I had a place to run on the really hot days or rainy days, and I did really enjoy it, but there isn’t a Snap Fitness in New York City, so I’ll have to end my membership.  The good news is NYU has a gym I can use because I’m a student.  The money I save monthly on a gym membership will go a long way living in NYC.

I also know my schedule is going be all thrown off this weekend and next week.  Heck, this week has been all off.  Yesterday I FINALLY got a full nights sleep, so I skipped my run.  And this morning I didn’t go for a walk.  I still have the rest of the day, but honestly, I have so much packing to do tonight, I don’t think I’ll be getting out there.

Saturday is supposed to be a 6.5 mile run, but I’ll still be in the process of moving in and my cousins are coming out for their first trip to NYC, so I just don’t see it happening.  Along with that my cousins will be there until Tuesday afternoon, so I think the earliest I’m getting a run in is Wednesday.  I’m going to try for the 6.5 miles then, but after a week off of running, I may wait until Saturday to do that.

Sorry for the mini-rant, but I’m in such a stressed out mood from moving and not being able to run, I had to vent.

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