Sucky Week 5

So I knew this week was going to be tough to get runs in with the move to New York and all, but it was nearly impossible.  I was so stressed and have break downs during the week that if I even thought about running, it would stress me out even more because I was wasting packing time.

I’m now pretty much settled in to my apartment, and I feel a million times better.  Majority of the stress has disappeared.  I’m still a little on edge because my room didn’t end up fitting my stuff the way I wanted, so I’m on the hunt for a new dresser, but that’s about it.

On the running side though, I haven’t gone out since Monday.  A week ago basically…my family is in town until Tuesday evening, so I probably won’t get a run in until Wednesday.  I’m a little worried about that, but I still have plenty of time to get my miles in for the half marathon.  I’m not going to worry yet.

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