First Run in NYC

Today I was finally able to fit a run in.  It was my first run in New York and it was much different than running in my neighborhood in Michigan.

First off, there are a lot more people out and about in NYC.  Not that I wouldn’t be expected there to be people out, but it’s a lot harder to run and dodge people.  I managed though.

The other factor that made it difficult to run…traffic.  At home I can cross the streets without having to worry about cars coming by at every intersection, but here…there is always a car coming, so I have to keep stoping and starting or change my path.  That is actually something I didn’t think about until I was running today, and I had to stop.  It totally caught me off guard and screwed up my average pace.  Oh well! Nothing I can do about it.

The third thing about running in NYC that I didn’t like was how close the streets are to each other.  I feel like I’m running a lot further than I am because each street comes up so fast.  I felt like I had run my first mile well before I did.  This could make training really hard.

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