Went Running for Cupcakes

So my roommate is also a runner, and decided it would be fun to run to Battery Park and go to a bakery there.  If would have been fun if it wasn’t 90 degrees out and if we had actually found the bakery.  I really wanted a cupcake.

It wasn’t all bad.  We ran 5.5 miles, and that doesn’t include us wandering around the sidewalk sales, so all-in-all, we probably walked/ran 6 miles or so.

It wasn’t my best run by any stretch of the imagination.  My pace was slower than normal, my legs were sore, and it was way too hot out.  But, I was still under 12min miles, and I only need to be under 16min miles for the half marathon, so even if I run like I did today in the million degree heat, I will still be okay.

Monday, it’s back to sticking with the training program.  No more slacking off!


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  1. No harm in ‘going off course’ every now and again. I notice you might be running Tink next year! Us too! We did it last year and had a blast! Happy Running.

    1. mlavens says:

      I’m hoping to do the Tinkerbell run, but right now I have no idea what my schedule will be like then. May have to hold off another year. How was it? Is it totally worth going to?

      1. Totally. More costumes in the Tink race than any other Disney Race I’ve run. (1 Disneyland, 1 Goofy, 1 WDW Half, and WDW 1 Marathon Relay) and the spectators were superb. I really enjoy the Disneyland races over WDW. Perhaps because there is more spectators along the course.

        I had a great time last year.

        Hope you are registered though, as it is sold out for 2013. 😦

  2. mlavens says:

    Bummer…guess I’m waiting until 2014. Should have known though. Those Disney races sell out fast.

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