Milestone: 200 Miles

Today I hit 200 miles on Nike+!!

Back when I hit 100 miles I mentioned that I wanted to hit 200 miles within the next three months.  Well, I was about a week shy of that goal.

At first I was kind of upset I didn’t get to 200 miles by August 18th like I had hoped, but then I thought about it some more and realized, I had been so busy with the move and the estate sale at my grandma’s house that it was hard to fit runs in.  I was so worried about cleaning my room and getting ready for the move that thinking about running stressed me out and running didn’t so enough to calm me down.  So, I’m okay with the extra week it took to reach my goal.

Now it’s time to set a new one!  With the half marathon training plan, I know I will be running more and more miles in the next couple months, so I’m hoping that means I can reach 300 miles by the half marathon.  That gives me around two and a half months to complete it.  I figure with four runs a week and various distances I should be able to manage it.  Even if I can’t, at least it’s something to work for.  I’m excited to start working on this goal and of course, to do my first half marathon!


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