Back on Track with Week 7

So I finally got back to my half marathon training program this week.

Monday was a 30 min run.  I only ran for 20 because I didn’t map out my route very well and got back to my apartment around 20 mins, and figured good enough.

Wednesday was also a 30 min run.  I ran a different path thinking it would be longer, but…I still ended up only doing about 20 mins.  I ran at about the same pace too.  I’ve been running at a slower pace than I was before I came to New York, but I’m still under the half marathon pacing requirement, so that’s good.

Thursday was the walk day.  We all know I’m not really good at walking and I start running, so of course I’d walk for a bit, then run, and then walk again.  It was good though.

Saturday was the biggie…an 8 mile run.  Last week I was supposed to run 6.5 miles and only ended up going 5.5, and that’s about as far as I’ve gone before, so I was really nervous. I started out down a path I don’t normally go, but I saw a park in the area and decided to check it out.  It was a really nice park in the middle of an apartment complex.  Once I came out of the park I was a few blocks from Union Square and ran up that way.  Around two miles I was already tired and that made me worry even more, but then I came across Starbucks and decide on a caffeine break.  I got a coffee and continued walking southwest through New York.  I finished my coffee around Washington Square Park and started running again.  I zig zagged around the NYU area then back towards my apartment.  I was at 7.5 miles when I was nearing my apartment and decided to go a couple more blocks.  I got back to my apartment 8.01 miles.  I felt so good.  I actually completed the 8 miles.  Then the walk up to my 5th floor apartment wasn’t fun…but the air-conditioning and shower felt amazing!

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