Week 8 Review

This week was an easier one according to the training program, and even though that was the case, I didn’t completely stick to it.

On Monday I went for my 30 min run on a different path than I normally do.  It was similar to the 8 mile run from last week.  I ran through the apartment complex area with the park.  I really want to move there.  I know I just moved into my current apartment, but the paths and parks within the other one are so nice.  I also ran at a 10:55 pace, which I was happy about.  I’ve slowed my pace down into the 11min per mile area as an attempt to pace myself for the really long runs.  It feels slow, but I’m getting used to it.

On Wednesday I did my 30 min run at the NYU Palladium.  It’s the insanely big gym on our campus.  I turned the wrong way when I first got in, so it took me some time to find my way to the treadmills.  But once I find them, it was great.  The treadmills are really nice and I had a great run on it.  I’m actually really excited to go back and run there again.

Thursday I didn’t go on my walk like I was supposed to.  Well, I mean, it’s New York…I walk everyday, but I didn’t get a workout “power walk” in like I normally would.

Friday was my first time back at Pilates.  Check out my Sixth Street Pilates entry for the recap on that.

Saturday was supposed to be my 3 mile run, but I ended up doing it today instead.  I finally slept in yesterday and then I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and worked on homework, so I decided to push it off until today.  It was a pretty good run.  It started out a little too fast though.  My first mile was around 9:30 so my second mile ended up being 11:30, but it all evened out in the end with the third mile.

Tomorrow starts week nine!


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  1. Way to go on week 8. You’re doing great! Happy Running!

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