If I Don’t Run in the Morning…

…I just don’t run.

So last night when I was planning out my week, I checked out the weather and noticed that it was going to be cool all day today meaning I could run anytime I wanted to.  I did laundry this morning along with scheduling interviews with PR firms, spent the afternoon doing homework, and this evening…when I planned to run, I sat on my ass watching TV.  Oops.

I honestly think I have to go for my runs in the morning to start my day.  Otherwise it just gets lost.  When I get it over with, I ready for the day and whatever comes my way.  I don’t have to worry about fitting a run in later on.  It’s done and over with right away.

So in an effort to make up for skipping my first run of this week, I’m gonna go to Pilates tomorrow.  It’s another beginning mat class.  Plus, I’ve signed up for it making me committed to it, so I’ll have to get my lazy butt up.

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