Ten Weeks Down, Seven to Go

Wow, what a busy week…and next week is going to be just as busy…bring it on!

Monday: I assumed that after last weeks 9.5 mile run my short runs this week would have been awesome.  I was so wrong.  I had such a hard time running on Monday it wasn’t even funny.  I ran along the FDR again like last Saturday so it was beautiful to look at the water, but I was dragging.  I took way too many walking breaks for a 30 min run, and my pace was slow as well.  I wasn’t happy about it.  I know I can run much better than I did this day.

Tuesday: I took a break this day.  I thought about going to Pilates again, but I had homework I needed to catch up on along with a phone interview, so I took the day off.

Wednesday: I was supposed to do another 30 min run this day…but I didn’t.  I had an interview with a great PR firm in the morning, and planned on coming home and running. I put on my clothes to go out for a run and then decided I was tired and didn’t want to.  Bad attitude, I know.

Thursday: I made myself go out for a run this day because I didn’t yesterday and I knew I needed to get my ass in gear before the weekend run.  This run was better than Monday’s.  I felt good running it and I got my pace back down to what I’m normally at.  It was just the confidence boost I needed before Saturday’s long run.

Friday: Rest day and exciting because I got the internship I really wanted!

Saturday: This weeks long run was only 4 miles, but I decided to do more.  I was going to do next weeks 11 mile run because I’m going back home next weekend and I knew I wouldn’t fit in the 11 miles while I’m only home for a couple days.  Well I didn’t run 11 miles, but I did run more than 4 miles.  My knee and ankle were starting to hurt around the 4th mile, so I ended up stopping just after 6 miles.  I didn’t want to risk an injury this close to the half marathon.  I’m just hoping that the 12.5 mile run I’m supposed to do in a couple weeks won’t be too bad without doing the 11 miles first.

Well this upcoming week will be interesting.  I’m starting my internship and I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday…the same days I normally run.  So now I have to move my schedule around a bit to figure out when I’m going to get my runs in.  Can’t slack off with the half marathon right around the corner!

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