Gonna Make This Work

So yesterday I started my internship (which I love), but the days I work are the same days I usually run. Yesterday I didn’t have a problem fitting my run in because I don’t have class, so I just went for my run when I got home. And for the record, it was a great run. Much better than the ones I had last week.

Tomorrow I have to work and then I have my evening class, so if I want to go for a run, I’m going to have to go really early or really late. My plan is to get up and go early, but lately I haven’t been sleeping well, so sleep may trump running. I’m hoping that’s not the case though because I really want to get my run in. Can’t slack off now. It’s almost the half marathon…I need all the practice I can get.

If things don’t work out with the early run, I may switch around my days. I could always go Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday instead. Guess we’ll see what happens!


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