The Color Run

Yesterday I ran in The Color Run: Cincinnati with my boyfriend.  I’ve know a few people that have done it before and everyone said it was so much fun, but honestly, I don’t see what all the hype it about.

The Color RunSo The Color Run is a 5K where at each kilometer a different color powder/paint is tossed on you, with a giant color festival at the end.  The idea is really cool, and I was really exited to do it, but while I was running it, it didn’t seem as much fun as I built it up in my mind.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get very much color on me at each kilometer.  I was expecting a lot more. The most color comes from the festival at the end.  Also, because the color is a dust, it makes everything foggy to run though.  I was glad I had sunglasses on to keep it out of my eyes.

The other thing I was disappoint in was that I’m not sure the run was truly a 5K.  I had my GPS tracker on and it said we ran 2.82 miles.  I know my GPS tracker isn’t always accurate, but it didn’t feel like a 5K. Cameron and I finished it in just over 29mins.  My fastest 5K was 31:07, so it’s possible that I shave a couple mins off my time, but it just didn’t feel like it.

At the end of all of it, I was glad I did this race, but it’s not one that I feel the need to do again.

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