A Recap to Brag About

I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately, but this week I started to get back on track!

Monday: I really should have gone for a run this day, but after work I came home, had some dinner and hit the books. Which was good. I had a presentation on Thursday and I really needed to work on it, so I guess it was good I skipped the run.

Tuesday: I made it out for a run! It was a pretty good one too. I ran at my average pace and went 3.5miles. That’s around my usual for my short runs, so I was glad it went well.

Wednesday & Thursday: These days were basically the same. I went to work, went to my project group meeting, and went to class. I didn’t get home until late at night both days, so running was out of the question.

Friday:  My roommate and I both went to the gym and ran for an hour. I ran over 5 miles and felt really good about that run too. All I had left to do was worry about my 12 mile run the next day.

Saturday: This marked my 12 mile run on my half marathon training program. I started out at a 9:30 pace during the first mile. I knew I needed to back off a bit if I was going to make it 12 miles. I tried, but I finished 2 miles in 18:30. Still too fast. I finally slowed my pace down around the fourth mile. After the sixth mile I walked for a long time to give myself a break. Plus, I was in Central Park so it was pretty to walk through. Once I left Central Park I kicked up the run again, and it was hard once I hit the tenth mile. My legs were screaming at me and I wanted to stop. I couldn’t through because I was too far away from home. I knew the faster I got home the faster I could rest. When I finally got home I collapsed. I showered, ate lunch, and literally took a nap. Best feeling ever.

Today: I planned on running again today but my muscles are sore and they needed to rest.

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