Here Comes Sandy…and my 100th Post

First off, this is a milestone for me…100 Posts!

Anyways, running has been put on hold because Hurricane Sandy is coming to New York City. This weekend I planned to do my 14 mile run but that hasn’t happened and it probably won’t. With Sandy on her way I decided my time would be better spent writing my midterm paper that’s due on Tuesday, so that’s what I spent my day doing yesterday. This morning I figured I’d try and get a run in but it’s cold and windy outside and it’s only going to get worse. I figured my time should be put into preparing for the storm. I figured I needed to get some easy food in case the power goes out and I needed to get some things for the dog. Obviously, there is still time to go for a run today but I think I’m going to get as much homework done as I can while the power is still on.

As for the recap from this past week…running went pretty well. I got a run in on both Monday and Tuesday, then I went to Pilates on Friday. My abs still hurt today from Pilates. I can tell it’s been too long since I’ve strength training, so I need to make more time for Pilates. I was planning on going this Tuesday, but with the storm rolling in, I think I’ll have to change that.

Also with the storm, I’m not sure when I’ll run this week. The plan was Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. Monday and Tuesday seem unlikely now. Hopefully I can fit a run in on Wednesday or something like that. I really don’t want to slack off this week seeing the half marathon is just two weeks away.


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