Changes for 2013

With the new year, I’m making some changes to my blog. First, the name. It started out as a place for me to share my running experiences, but I do more than running. So, I’ve decided to call it “Muffy’s Fitness Blog” instead of “Muffy’s Running Blog.”

Second, I changed the theme of my blog. Just wanted to try something different out for 2013. I loved the way my blog looked before, but with a new name and new year, I figure why not give it a new look too.

Now…here’s the biggie. My last post I said I was NOT doing another half marathon. Well, only 3 days later I might be going back on that statement. I found a race in DisneyLand called the “Dumbo Double Dare.” It’s 19.3 miles over two days. A 10K the first day, and a half marathon the second. The only reason I really want to do it because it’s the first year and it’s Dumbo. He’s my favorite Disney character.

I don’t know if I’ll actually do it, but it’s on my mind now. It’s cool, you can all call me out on wanting to run another half marathon.

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