First Run of February

About half way through the month I finally got my butt to the gym for a run. Good since I’m doing the Mickey and Minnie 5K on Saturday. Although, I’m running with my 8 year old cousins, so I won’t be running like I normally do.

Anyways, for not running for a couple of weeks, I actually had a really good run. I ran at a 10:48 pace average and went 2.5 miles. I planned on running further but NYU has a 25min rule for the treadmills when there’s a waiting list, so I had to stop sooner than I planned. Not the end of the world. At least I got a run in.

I’m planning on hitting the gym again on Tuesday after class and possible Wednesday morning depending on how much homework I get done. I don’t want to take assignments with me to Florida, so I’m buckling down and working on school stuff all week. I want to enjoy DisneyWorld…not worry about school.

So my big issue right now is what to wear for the run. For those of you that have done a runDisney race before, you know people wear all kinds of crazy costumes. Last year when I did this race I wore my Minnie Mouse skirt. I’m considering wearing it again seeing it’s the Mickey and Minnie 5K but I don’t really want to wear the same thing again. My other thought was Tinkerbell. I have big, green Tinkerbell wings that I wasn’t planning on running in because I figured they’d slow me down. But knowing I’ll be doing a slow race with the kids, I’m thinking it won’t matter. What do you guys think? Stay classic with Minnie or go for the Tinkerbell wings?

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