Royal Family 5K

A year ago I ran my first 5K. It just so happened to be the Tangled Royal Family 5K is DisneyWorld. Well this weekend I returned to Disney and ran the Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5K. I can hardly call it a run though. Sine doing the 5K and the half marathon last year, my eight year old cousins have wanted to do a Disney race. With this Royal Family 5K, it really was a family event.

RoyalFamily5KMy mom and dad, my boyfriend, my two cousins and I all did the 5K. Knowing we had the little ones, I knew we weren’t going to finish at my normal pace. I was prepared for a slow run. Honestly, I don’t even know what our finishing time was but it was over an hour. Extremely good for two little kids that had basically no training. Although, if you ask Zach, he’ll tell you he finished in 49mins.

When we started, the kids would for a little bit, then stop, the run again, and then stop and walk again. At one point my cousin Zach took off. I started running with him. Surprisingly it was at a pace not much slower than what I run at. I kept looking back seeing the rest of the family getting smaller and further away. Eventually we stopped. I swear this kid ran a quarter of a mile before we stopped to walk. His reason: he was afraid he’d tire me out. Haha.

After walking for awhile he wanted to run again. This time he got a side stitch so we stopped and walked again. I think it freaked him out because he didn’t want to run again until we hit the third mile marker and saw the finish line.

Funny thing was, for the huge head start that we had, the rest of the family caught up to us. After stopping for the pictures with characters, we all finished about the same time…too bad we don’t know what that time is.

Overall it was fun. The boys loved it and are already talking about next year and what they want to dress up as. We’re even working on getting my dad to wear a tutu. As for me, I’m planning on running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. I’ll still do the 5K with them, but I’m ready to give the half marathon another shot.

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