Tonight I decided to try out Zumba. I found a Groupon from FunFitNYC and decided to try it out. I have the Zumba DVDs, but that’s nothing compared to what I did in class tonight. It was so intense. Basically one hour of non-stop cardio.

We did tons of different dances with lots of hip movements, arm movements, and salsa dance moves. It really kicked my butt. I talked to my boyfriend afterwards and told him it might have been hard than FitMix. If you don’t know what FitMix is, then read my blog posts on it. It’s kind of like a P90X kickboxing working out. Seriously thought this might have been harder. FitMix had strength training parts in it. It wasn’t all cardio like tonight.

I also thought this was a much harder workout than running. I get tired and out a breath while running and even though it’s straight cardio too, it’s not nearly as fun as Zumba was. As my instructor mentioned in class tonight, it’s an hour dance party. A hard hour dance party, but I can’t wait to go back!

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