Update: 8 Hour Diet

Like most diets, I never seem to stick with them. I had high hopes for this one. It didn’t seem too hard because I was able to eat what I wanted. I have decided to start it up again. Moving forward, I’m going to do the 8 Hour Diet.

I can tell my weight has been crazy lately. I go from fitting in my skinny jeans one day to having to wear my fat jeans three days later. Part of that is because I’m not working out nearly as much as I was last year, but March seems to be a turning point. I’ve started running more consistently and I’ve been cross training again. I have high hopes that I will be able to stick to working out and this diet. I just need to hold myself accountable.

Back in January when I decided to start this diet, I was doing a good job sticking to it. Then the semester started and that’s where things went wrong. Without thinking about my eating schedule I would eat at all hours of the day. Can you blame me? If I work 10am-5pm then go to class until 9pm, how am I supposed to fit all my meals in a 8 hour time frame? It’s a good question, but I’m determined to figure it out. It’s going to take a lot of self-disapline, but I think after the first couple weeks of figuring it out and training myself to remember the 8 hour days, I’ll be fine. I’ll check in again with my progress!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hey Muffy,

    are you still doing the 8 hour diet? I see you were having some trouble with the scheduling, have you found a good method to deal with it or simply quit?

    I myself have adapted the 8 hour diet for quite some time now, but always had problems tracking the hours I was allowed to feast and fast.

    Luckily, I know how to create iPhone Apps – so I built an App just for that: Tracking your 8 and 16 hour phases.

    It’s for free and really easy to use so I would like to share it with you guys. You can find it by searching for “8 16 hours” in the App Store or go to http://816hoursapp.jimdo.com

    I’m looking forward to your feedback – if you like it please spread the word!


    1. mlavens says:

      Hey Chris,

      I have not been keeping up with the 8-hour diet and a huge part of that was scheduling. I love that you’ve created an app that helps track it. I just downloaded it. I’ll let you know what I think and if it keeps me on track.

      Thanks for your help!

      1. Chris says:

        So glad to hear that! Does the App work for you? Is there anything I should change / add ?

      2. mlavens says:

        It’s good! So far it’s working for me. I hate having to tell it I cheated, but I guess that’s good because the guilt will probably condition me to stop doing it. I really love how it notifies when the time is up. Very handy.

        My only suggestion would be add a quick instruction menu that says something like “click here to start the eight hours” and “when you’re done click here to start the 16 hours.” It may just be me, but I assumed the 16 would start as soon as I said I had completed the eight hours. I didn’t realize I needed to start the timer on both until the next day. Otherwise, I love it!

  2. wirsing84 says:

    I will try to find a very subtle but effective way to implement that 🙂

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