March Recap


So March was a little better than January and February were, but still not great. Here are the stats:

Running Stats
Fastest Mile: 8:23
Fastest km: 4:49
Fastest 5K: 29:51
Fastest 10K: 1:09:11
Fastest Half Marathon: 2:34:43
Furthest Run: 13.6 miles
Average Pace: 11:47 per mile
Total Runs Since 1/1/2013: 9
Total Distance Since 1/1/2013: 21.46 miles
Total Races Since 1/1/2013: 2

Other Stats
Total Pilates Sessions (this month): 2
Total Pilates Session Since 1/1/2013: 8
Total Zumba Sessions (this month): 1
Total Zumba Sessions Since 1/1/2013: 1
Total Belly Dancing Sessions (this month): 1
Total Belly Dancing Sessions Since 1/1/2013: 1

So that pretty much sums up March. I did some more running including another race and I did some more cross training than normal, but overall still not great. Hopefully April will be better. Now that it’s getting nicer out, I can go for runs outside!


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