Ice Cream Social 5K

Ice Cream Social 5KThis morning I ran the NYCRUNS Ice Cream Social 5K on New York’s Roosevelt Island. It went extremely well for no training…and by no training, I mean no running for three weeks. I ran it with my friend and co-work Amanda. We finished in 31:36. Not bad at all.

The course was beautiful. Roosevelt Island is basically a 5K in itself so we ran all around the island. It was a fantastic day for the run and the scenery was lovely. I really enjoyed the path.

At the end of the race there were snacks (like most races) but at this one we got popsicles. I was expecting real ice cream sundaes, but I was actually glad we got popsicles. They were light and refreshing, which was better after a run. While we ate our ice cream, Amanda and I waited for my roommate Danielle to finish the 10K. We stayed around because we thought she won in her age division and we thought she’d get a trophy, but she came in second by 9secs. So close.

Overall, it was a fun day and I’m glad I did this race. Now on to training for the 10-Miler.

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