Disney Princess Half

Yesterday registration opened for the 2014 Princess Half Marathon. My best friend has been trying to do it for the past two years and plan always fall through, so I promised her I would do it in 2014. I’ve kept my promise. We both registered for the race yesterday. I’m actually super excited. My mom and one if her friends might do it too. It’s going to be so much fun.

After registering yesterday I took a look at the training programs. I looked at Time Improvement first and it’s a 22 week program that starts the same week I’ll be doing to Twilight Zone 10 Miler. If I do the 18 week program called Finish in the Upright Position, I have a couple weeks between training sessions. I almost think I should go with the 22 week one because I’ll already be in the swing of things with running. In other words, looks like I’m training for the next 10 months!

Finally, the Princess Half is the first of my Coast to Coast Challenge races. Next fall I’m planning to run the Dumbo Double Dare in Disneyland. That’s a 10K one day and a Half Marathon the next day. Honestly, the only reason I’m doing it is because I want a medal with Dumbo on it. He’s my all time favorite Disney character and I’m not passing up that medal. Well see where that training takes me. I may be training for the next 15 months at this rate. Wish me luck!


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