10-Miler Training: “Weak” 3


I’ve titled this post “Weak 3” because that’s what it was; weak. I didn’t get a single run in. Horrible seeing my goal was to do all three runs this past week.

On Monday when I would have done my first run I decided studying for my midterm on Tuesday was more important. Which is probably true. School should come first, but I know I could have fit a quick 30min run in.

Tuesday my cousin came out to visit and he stayed until Thursday, so on Wednesday when I would have done my second run, I was hanging out with him. Again, I’m sure I could have squeezed a run in, but it was more fun to hang with him. I hadn’t seen him for a year after all.

On Friday I flew back to Michigan to see my family and go to a graduation party for one of my former skating students, so while I was home I lost track of a run. It just never happened this weekend.

Not good at all. I really need to get my ass in gear this weekend. Problem is, I leave for Vancouver on Wednesday, so I know I’m going to struggle to get runs in again. My only motivation is it will be beautiful to run around Vancouver. Wish me luck that I don’t miss out on another week!


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