10-Miler Training: Weeks 6 & 7


So my last post I mentioned that I thought Week 6 was going to be my turn around week. It wasn’t. I didn’t go for a single run. I’d like to blame it on the move, but I know that’s not the only factor. I have a gym in my basement now, so I had the option to go for a run. Even though most of my day was buying stuff for the apartment or organizing the apartment, I know I could have made room for it.

Anyways, Week 7 ended up being my turn around week. I went for not one, not two, but all three runs of my training program. Yes!

On Tuesday I ended up doing a 20min run instead of the 30min run like the training program calls for. I was meeting a friend for mani/pedis and realized as I was on the treadmill I wouldn’t get the full 30mins in and have time to shower before our appointment. Not upset about it though because in the 20mins I ran 1.88miles and kept a 10:38 per mile pace. Not bad for missing so many weeks of running.

On Friday I did the second 30min run of the training program. This time I did get the full 30mins in and I averaged a 10:46 per mile pace, so very similar to Tuesday’s run.

Finally, today was my “long run.” It wasn’t that long of a run based on the training program, but it’s the longest run I’ve done so far. Again, oops! Today’s run was 3miles. I did 3.1 because I always feel like if I’m running 3miles I might as well finish it off and go for the 5K. It took me 32:12 to finish, which is a 10:21 per mile pace.

I’m extremely happy about how this week went. I really needed this after the weeks off. I am a little nervous about this upcoming week because I have to run 6miles for my long run and the 5K I did today is the longest one I’ve done in this program. I just have to remind myself to take it slow and not worry about my time. I need to focus on getting back on track even if that means taking longer to finish than I’d like.

Wish me luck as I continue! Hopefully this was my turning point and I’ll be able to continue the momentum.

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