10-Miler Training: Week 8

And I thought things were turning around…I was wrong. Here’s how my week went.

Monday: This is always a “rest” day for me. I work from 9am-5pm then I have class from 6-9pm so I really don’t have the time. And we all know I’m not a morning person, so getting up extra early is never really an option.

Tuesday: SXSW submissions were due this week (originally Friday but the deadline was extended to Sunday, thank God!), so I ended up working late. Following work I went grocery shopping and made dinner. After that I was worn out and collapsed on the couch and watched a couple hours of TV. Oops!

Wednesday: I had every intention of going for a run. My morning started out with me working from home on SXSW stuff because I really couldn’t afford to waste a day. I logged off at 1:30pm for work and started to get ready for my day. I planned on running at that point, but I hadn’t finished my homework so I ended up doing that. Then I had an appointment at 3:30pm so I made my way down to the East Village for that. After that I stopped at Just Salad for dinner and then went to class. There went my day…not run included.

Thursday: Was an insanely busy day of work, again that’s attributed to SXSW. I’m not even sure what I did Thursday night that’s how tired I was. I know I went to bed really early.

Friday: This was the originally SXSW deadline so I was at work until about 3:30pm. I left later than the summer Friday time but earlier than I expected because the deadline was extended and I could still submit over the weekend. Following work I went back to my old apartment to get the few last remaining items. Once I got back to my new place, I broke down crying from the stress of SXSW (maybe I should rethink my career in PR) and again went to bed early.

Saturday: This was my only day of physical activity this week. I went to Central Sweat which was great, and you can read about in yesterday’s post.

Sunday: Today I had every intention of going for a run. First I decide it would be when everything for SXSW was submitted. That didn’t happen until almost 4pm. Then I decided it would be after I finished homework. Well, then I had to meet my old roommate to get a few items. When I got home from that it was 8pm and I hadn’t had dinner. Plus, I think the gym closes at 8 or 9pm, so I wasn’t going to have the time to eat dinner and run before then. Especially if it’s 8pm.

I’m frustrated with myself because this week was probably a week where I needed to workout to keep my anxiety down. If I had gotten at least one run in earlier this week I probably wouldn’t have broken down crying on Friday. But as my personal trainer and friend has told me, I need to forgive myself for things like this and move on.

This week will be better. I’ve decided instead of the scheduled 3 mile run this week, I’m going to do this week’s 6 mile run. I want to make sure I start getting these long distance runs in even if that means rearranging my training schedule a bit.


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